Never The Same 2.0 Campaign Recap


I spent the past 2 weeks promoting my book project Never the Same 2.0. I launched a campaign on Kickstarter, trying to raise $1,300 to print 100 copies of the book.

Never The Same 2.0 is a DIY kit with everything you need to get started creating a flipbook. It is also a 30-day crafting project. Check the Kickstarter campaign for more on Never The Same 2.0.

And… The Project’s funding goal was not reached. At the end of the campaign, it’s 16% completion. There were 10 backers supporting the campaign.

How did I promote the campaign?

Social Media
I posted on many social media platforms to promote the campaign, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Wechat, Facebook, and Twitter. I learned that many people just hit the “like” button on social media unconsciously. When I talked to some of my friends who liked my posts, they didn’t know that I was promoting a project.

I also paid $25 to Instagram, ask for the promotion of this post. It brought me 74 likes to the post. 3,471 people viewed my post. 98% of them weren’t following me. But it did not bring any backers for my project.

I also made a blog post about the project on Medium. I was surprised to see people actually read it through and make highlights. Since English is not my first language, I am thrilled to see the sentence is highlighted.

Direct Messages to Friends/Family
It turns out that asking for support from friends and family is the most efficient way. However, my goal was to learn how to get funded by people I did not know. I didn’t put much effort into this approach.

Promote An Idea behind the project
To convince more people to support the project, I came up with an idea.
Most of our daily activities moved to the virtual world. We spend way too much time with screens. We can eat enough vegetables and dance in the living room to keep fit. But how about our eyes? We need a break from the digital world. I made several promotional images and activities online. Many people were interested in this idea. There might be a possibility to create something else around this idea.

Who backed me?

40% of people from my networks
60% unknown mostly via Kickstarter
Total amount: $211

The Hardest Challenge

Promotion & Marketing.
Constantly post promotions on social media
Look for the right influencers or other platforms for the promotion.


I am disappointed when I saw the project failing to get funded. COVID-19 definitely affected the process a lot. People are struggling with their daily life and probably do not have an extra budget to buy a book. However, this process help me see the pros and cons of social media. I get a better idea of what it is capable of doing.

If I will do another Kickstarter campaign in the future, these things must be kept in mind all the time:
Field research before launching a project. Find out what’s the real needs. Build connections with the targeted community before announcing the project.
How about collaborating with other influencers? Who should they be?



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Yuan Chen

Yuan Chen

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