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I started to work on prototyping the key features. I thought it would be easy — since my goal is only to demonstrate one feature. As it turned out, I was too naive.

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This week I really don’t have done anything that’s worth recording. Here is some work log below.

  • Day 1: Collect competitors
  • Day 2: Pros and cons of competitors
  • Day 3: Identify my key features
  • Day 4: Refine key features (in words)
  • Day 5: /
  • Day 6: Draft key feature one
  • Day 7: Blogpost + thinking of ways to refine key feature one

(To be continued…)

After talking to my classmates, mentor, and several other recruiters, I refined SpotTED user journeys.

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I have talked to some people from the business side last week. They proved my assumption of what they need when they are trying to connect to creatives.

  1. Usually, creative directors and project managers recruit freelancers.
  2. Email is the best way for freelancers to reach out to them.
  3. A referral

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Standing at the mid-point of this thesis marathon, I try to pick up all the feedback I got along the way and make a solid plan for the next steps.

The feedback from the final presentation last semester:

The research and pain points are clearly explained.
You are building a marketplace in another type. You are trying…

I am still debating if I should make a web browser extension or an iPhone app that leverages AR technology. To find out the answer, I created 2 hero images and went back to the interviewees I previously talked to and asked for their feedback.

This is what I showed…

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After talking to several freelancers in various domains, I realized that the hardest task for them is: reach the clients they want to work for. Health care, project management, and accounting are sources of headaches, but they all have some clue about how to deal with them.

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I’ve talked to some freelancers, trying to rank their pain points:

  • Working as a full-time freelancer makes people develop a feeling of instability, financially and mentally.
  • They feel isolated from society.
  • Freelancers need help drafting contracts and setting rates.
  • They also need better health insurance plans.

It turns out that…

Our class had a midterm critique last week. I settled down my question to solve: How might we help freelancers to improve their wellbeing?

I proposed 3 concepts:

As Brenda mentioned Freelancer Union last week, I did some research and got the chance to chat with Mr. Rafael L Espinal Jr, President of Freelancers Union. I learned what they are working on and where is the opportunity areas for my thesis.

Freelancers Union is founded by Sara Horowitz…

Yuan Chen

MFA IXD Student @svaixd . Interaction Designer | Writer Locations: SH | CHI | NYC

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